Baba Tiles Machinery is the leading high-quality tiles manufacturing company which is represented with a wide range of floor and wall solutions, from contract to wellness and living spaces and from the medical sector to the leisure sector, meeting all needs in construction and housing. We follow a 100 percent quality approach when producing ceramic tiles and other such products in India; to have modern equipment of the latest generation for the production of ceramic tiles and porcelain stoneware. We are one of the best largest porcelain stoneware manufacturers in India and porcelain suppliers with premium features like durability and low water absorption rate. In an industry where there is no shortage of tile manufacturing companies, some manufacturers and retailers are poised to rise to the top among their competitors. Our goal of developing the best products while protecting the environmental resources has consistently pushed us to be at the forefront as innovators in the industry.

Vision and Mission

We aim to become the leading manufacturer of world-class products and successfully provide world-class features and standards not only in the domestic market but also to international customers around the world.

Our vision lays the platform for our innovation and our customers' feedback serves us in proving grounds and to re-create excellence on new terms and opportunities provided. The results are our new ranges of products are created with excellent technology that processes and combines the value of design with the charm of craftsmanship.

We aim to be the most sought-after and best tile making and allied product Manufacturer Company in India and be the best employer in the tile industry.

Our aim and mission will always be focused on achieving each and every customer's delight and satisfaction through business innovation and cost-effectiveness while pursuing the latest fashion trends in ceramics & allied products for creating stakeholder's values.

Quality Assurance

What makes Baba Tiles Machinery a relevant and trusted company today, after so many years of hard work is its dynamic capability to evolve with changing decor aesthetics over the years. It understands its consumers, and in return, its patrons trust us with the best tiles, sanitary ware & bath fittings products in India.

Whether its style, quality, or technological brilliance, Baba Tiles Machinery's determined pursuit of delivering excellence has placed the brand in an illustrious bracket. This wouldn’t have been possible without the great work team we have who laid the groundwork for the company’s long-lasting success. Our team believed in staying ahead of time – creating trends instead of simply following them, constantly innovating as opposed to catching up.

Our company produces the best kinds of paving slab machines, hollow block machines, concrete block machines as well as different molds, allowing the company to offer structural or application-oriented solutions. These machines are used to make concrete blocks which are used for building walls, composite wall blocks, and boundary walls. As a trusted manufacturer and supplier of interlocked tile-making machines, we manufacture and supply highly functional paving slab machines with advanced technology and unique characteristics. This customer-driven approach has allowed the company to become the market leader in tiles and block-making machines in the market. The company ensures the best quality by implementing a globally accepted authenticated manufacturing process and quality management system which is essential for the production of various products and machinery. Baba Tiles Machinery measures the products and their package quality attributes to ensure that the products in the marketplace meet the requirements of the company and the expectations of customers. Consistency, reliability, and durability are the key factors to the quality of the product. These factors are very crucial in meeting the global regulatory requirements and the company standards. The global nature of the business requires high standards and processes for ensuring consistent products and quality from the concentrated product to the product delivery by the team.


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